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Weekender Folding Bed Cot Size


  • Metal Base Folding bed
  • Side latches
  • Four wheels
  • Full Mesh base
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This folding bed has side latches to keep it neatly closed for easy roll and store away.  The four caster wheels turn a full 360 for easy pushing or pulling.  Two legs fold out when opening for proper support and stability when used as a bed.  there is full metal mesh from side to side and top to bottom for full support of the mattress and of your guest.  That means the mattress will not fall through the space between the bars in the base. The included mattress is a full 6" thick for extra comfort and easy folding.  Not to mention you rover night guests will not have that bar hurting their back.  A bed that folds easily, stays folded, opens with ease, and no bars in your back?  Now, thats how to treat your guests to a good night.

Available in two sizes:

Cot Size: 31.5"W x 75"L   Bed Size: 31.5"W x 75"L x 6"

Intermediate Size: 47.25"W x 75"L    Bed Size: 47.25"W x 75"L x 6"


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