Small Space Living

by | Nov 18, 2019 | Blog

Are Futons good for small space living? Do Peas go with carrots?  Futons are perfect for small space living.  A futon is a sofa bed, and when you live in any small space dual purpose is a must.  a Futon is a sofa and a bed.  It can be an everyday bed if your small space is a studio apartment or tiny house or it can be used for overnight guests in say an RV or one-bedroom apartment.  Some futons are equipped with under-seat storage.  Again dual purpose not to mention in a small space storage space is a must.  Futons come unassembled so getting it into a small space is a snap.   In a small space size always matters.  There are 54″ loveseats that open to a standard full bed.  There are 72″ futons that open to a double size, there are true full, queen, and single sizes too.  When you have a small space a futon is a perfect  answer to the question “how do I get a sofa and a bed in my space?”


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