Custom Futon Covers

All our Futon Covers are made by S.I.S covers  S.I.S. was started in 1987 by two sisters with three fabric samples.  Today they have 700 samples in their fabric line.  Fueled by the desire to stay home with their children, they started sewing futon covers in their basement and hand painting them.  They may not be hand painting covers anymore but they do handpick fabrics to reflect current trends in color and design.  Because of their dedication to quality, they make covers to order and have employees to help them of all colors, cultures, and languages.  Each is treated with appreciation and respect which allows for high-quality work and products.  Each cover order is given a 15-day time allowance and ships promptly after those 15 days.  SIS covers are in a class of their own and so will your futon mattress be with an SIS cover. features SIS fabric samples as well as both Woodbridge and Paramus locations.  If you would like to see and feel an SIS fabric stop in one of our locations today.